Automations: The Missing Piece of my Puzzle

Hi guys, I’m hoping someone could help me with regards to making the most of the AI and automations please…

I am making good use of the AI, but feel I could better use the automations to streamline my workflow as I am still doing some part of the process manually and I feel I am missing a crucial link that could really take my productivity to new heights…

I will use a specific example to demonstrate what i mean:

I am using an AI Agent to help me create blog titles and then an outline, but in order to get a decent blog I am having to copy and paste each section of the blog outline and paste back in to the AI agent to ask it to write it, and then copy and paste the output iof that into a Google Doc. I then repeat the process for each section.

Is there a way that I could automate the whole process:

Generate Blog Titles → Generate Blog Outline → Generate Each Section of Outline one at a time (but still understanding it is part of the larger blog article) → collate all output to one place.

Demo of my current workflow:

Thank you in advance!

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Hey Jack,

Thanks for putting this video together!

Sorry for the delay in the response, but I’ll give it a go here. Also passing it on the team, so someone else can jump in, if they have other ideas.

I think our new AI teams feature may be able to help you with this.

You can create an AI Team now.

For example, (yours will be different):

  1. (Steve) Blog Outliner
  2. (Donna) Blog writer

Then you could call upon each agent to complete your blog. Here’s our latest update for reference:

Prompt: Steve please write an outline for a blog. Donna please complete the writing of the blog based on Steve’s outline.

You shouldn’t have to copy and paste each section. In theory, the agents should be able to call upon any information in the chat.

I haven’t tested this in length, but hopefully it gives you a starting point.

Again, I am going to share this with other members of the team to see what they think.

Thanks again for sharing this!